Thursday, September 12, 2013

T.V. Trailer Thursday's: Supernatural Season 9

Supernatural Season 9

So once again another Thursday is upon us and you know what that means its time gloss over another fall season trailer. Today I'm going with the CW network and super all time favorite show Supernatural. This show was what got me back into really consistently watching the CW again. Its has all the right flavor's that I've always dreamed a show could be in my eyes, horror,a little bit of gore, funny, nerdy and geeky presence, fantasy, oh and of course some hot guys to drool over from week to week. Keep reading to see how the 9th season of Supernatural is going to play out.

How is Supernatural going to explode our minds this season?

Well from what I can gather from the promo's and trailers that I've seen so far this is going to be another awesome ride for the brother's Dean and Sam. Looks like Death will be literally knocking at Sam's door once again. If you followed Season 8 you just know they had to through us another shocker again, do the Winchester boy's ever catch a break especially after saving the freaking world like a million plus times. When are they going to be happy, well I guess you can't have them to happy. Who would revv up enough badassness to save the world then. Oh well, looks like Cas is walking around as a human in one of the promos. I have to admit I'm pretty mad at myself because I didn't get to see part of  Season 8 and the finale do to work and not having Tivo. So before that Season 9 premier shows its pretty face I'm going to need to find some episodes online and get my self caught up. Oh, and lets hope this season CW is consistent with keeping Supernatural and not do that dang day hop sh*t that they have been known to do with this show in the past. What excites me about this season is that of course Cas is back, looks like Garth will be returning this season,love me some DJ Qualls, and a little birdy hinted of Dean's childhood sweetheart who is one of my favorites as far as actresses goes. 

Supernatural Season 9 Trailers

Oh and also here's a little recap trailer of season 8 to get you caught up a little if your like me and need a little refresher course.

So what do guys think? Who else is as pumped as me to see Season 9, looks like a hell of a ride will be had.  Thanks CW for being awesome. Like this post, well share, comment ,and  like below.

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