Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Movie Love Monday's : Curse of Chucky

A little bit of Horror movie Nostalgia

Hey guys, hope you had a awesome weekend and sorry about it being Monday again. Well today hopefully it will be brightened with a Horror movie from the eighties classic about a certain devilish doll, is out with a new movie for 2013. What movie classic am I speaking of "Child's Play" of course. They have released another one. Keep reading below to find out if this movie is worth the watch.

Curse of Chucky

So after receiving a cute red headed doll that was delivered to her home, Neca's mother mysteriously dies out of the blue soon after the dolls arrival. Neca suspects that something isn't right with the doll after people just start dropping like flies around her. Curse of Chucky stars Brad Dourif(as Chucky), Fiona Dourif(as Neca), Chantell Quesnelle, Danielle Bisutti, and of course Jennifer Tilly

Curse of Chucky Trailer + a Child's Play Remix

Pro's and Con's

Pro's for Curse of Chucky:
  1. They brought the gore, at first when I seen the trailer a couple of months ago, it seemed very vague about if they were going to keep with the trend of the other movies in this  Child's Play series. Boy was I wrong they brought it out full force.
  2. They finally explained how the Chuckster first began.
  3. Jennifer Tilly is back
Con's for Curse of Chucky:
  1. The acting was kinda of super terrible, which was kinda of expected, especially after the absolute suckiness of  Seed of Chucky.
  2. It took a little to long for me for the gore to show up, this is a Child's play movie so I was expecting it in the 1st 2 minutes. That's just me though a gore seeker.
  3. They left it open for a sequel.
  4. This Chucky's face was a shudder able type of face, which could be viewed a good for some people, but for me who does not like the weird creepy face action in movies it was horrible. Kudos though on the CGI on some the scenes it kept in line with the original movies.

So the big question is upon us, is it worth watching. Well if your like me especially during the month of October, you can just about sit through in horror movie this month and be satisfied. So that was kind of the boat that I was in watching it, it turned out to be actually okay, the gore was a big factor in being that way at least I think so. Hey if you've seen this movie please like, share, comment below and tell me what you thought about Curse of Chucky.

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