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Anime Review Sunday: Waiting in the Summer

Ano natsu de matteru aka: Waiting in the summer

Today's anime review is on another semi romantic comedy called 'Waiting in the summer". This is not another Netflix anime find, I found this while flipping through CrunchyRoll. By the way has anyone else noticed how Netflix is slowly but surely condensing down their Anime selections lately. I guess they figured they didn't have a strong base of anime fans, boy are they wrong when I first got Netflix I was enthralled with the big selection that they did have with their Anime section. Now its slim pickings, I totally lucked out that they still had Rosario and Vampire still available. Oh well thank God for CrunchyRoll. Keep reading below to find out more about Waiting in the summer.

What is Waiting in the Summer?

I've only seen a couple of episode so far but from what I can tell this looks like one I'm really going to fall in love with. Waiting is basically about a teenage boy Kaito Kirishima and his encounter with a super cute teenage alien who crash lands on earth by accident and injure said boy on impact. Next thing you know the cute alien Ichika Takatski shows up as a new student at Kaito's High school with Kaito at this point being unaware that this is the creature that saved him from the impact to begin with. It isn't until Kaito is walking home with the new girl that he find out who she really is. Boy Kaito's world is about to be put upside down., I can't say much more about it yet, I'm only into the third episode right now . Ano natsu de matteru is brought to by animator J.C. Staff co. ltd who produced  shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Toradora!, Honey and Clover, and Alien Nine to name a few. By the way I love shows like these but I usually don't watch ones exactly like this because of the few episodes that were produced which are only 12 that I seen out there so far. I'm just not a big fan of jumping into Anime's that are limited with how many episodes that they put out mainly because I hate getting all deep into a show and then when all the episodes are watch then I'm left wondering what's going to happen next. Well Waiting in the Summer might be an exception this time around .

Waiting in the Summer trailer

So what do guys think yay or nay on this show? For me the verdict if still out until I watch the rest of the season. Let me know in the comments below if you have watched this show and your thoughts on it. Also if you like this post and this content please like, share, and +1 below.

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