Thursday, September 26, 2013

T.V. Trailer Thursday's: American Horror Story: Coven

T.V. Trailer Thursday's

So TVT Thursday's came fast upon me again and today's trailer is super extra good this time.In getting readyfor the Halloween Season upon us FX's super hot show American Horror Story is back for another season starting in the beginning of October. Season 3 is American Horror Story: Coven and oh did they bring the star power this time. Keep reading for more details of who is on the new season of AHS and for a mashup trailer from IMDb.

American Horror Story: Coven

So what the heck is Coven about if you don't know already? 300 years after the Salem witch trials those who have remained have decided to open a school in order to protect themselves and young witches. In this school there are the usual things taught about witchcraft and then there are some of the most taboo practices that are being taught as well including slavery,incest, and vodoo. The school is headed by the supreme mother Fionna ( Jessica Lang) and her daughter Cordelia( Sarah Paulson) who are there to mold the young witches and teach them to protect themselves. Here is the break down of stand outs in the casting this season which makes me uberly excited to watch:  Jessica Lang ( Fionna Goode), Sarah Paulson(Cordelia Fox), Taissa Farmiga(Zoe Benson), Angela Bassett(Marie Laveau), Gabby Sidibe( Queenie), and of course Kathy Bates(Delphine LaLaurie). This to looks like its going to be the best season ever for the franchise, they are really pulling out all the bells and whistles this time to please and shock all of us fanboys and fangirls. AHS: Coven premeires Oct. 9, 2013 on FX.

Mashup Trailer: American Horror Story: Coven

Man I can't wait to see this show, this really looks like they are going to bring it again this season. Hell I thought last season's American Horror Story the pulled out all the stops. Man I really think season 2 of AHS is going to get blasted out of the water with Coven. Only time will tell so mark your calendars for Oct. 9 on FX on Weds. @ 10pm. Like, share, comment below tell me what your excited for this new AHS season.

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