Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trailer Tuesday's: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

So today's feature for trailer Tuesday's is a game that people all over the world know about.  Its super violent, crazy, and overly sexual. Heck I guess that's why it made the creators a sh*t load of money over the years. Of course I'm talking about Grand Theft Auto V. So keep reading for a little background on this new game and stay tuned for the trailer.

What's so different about GTAV(Grand Theft Auto V)

The developer's Rockstar Games have really outdone themselves this time with this new release. It has all the crazy fame and glory of the previous release  except this time they have really integrated each game player in a super interactive game experience that you don't want to miss inside of  the game city of Los Santos. With this game you have the option to switch between the three main characters of this 3rd person action adventure game. Which makes planning each heist a very rewarding experience with each character having their own set of extraordinary talents. The city of Los Santos is ginormous this time around with areas ranging from bustling downtown with huge skyscrapers to super rural areas that are surround by huge forests. The main thing that stands out the most to me is the social aspect of this game where you'll be able to share your game play directly to social media outlets without having extra gadgets to do so which is supremely awesome sauce. Heads up on this social aspect a friend of mine states that their will be rules and regulations when it comes to this so if you want to wild out with this don't go posting any bs that can get you banded from Youtube.

Official Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V

Let me say this I haven't played GTA since the first 2 games came out so I'm kind of out of the loop as far as this one goes, but based on this trailer I more than likely will be sending my hubby out to go get this game very soon. So if you went out and bought this game let me know what you think about. Share,like, and comment below if your a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto V. Oh and  by the way this game is rated M for mature and the price is around $59 depending on where you get if from today on its release day September 17,2013.

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