Friday, September 6, 2013

Embrace the Weird: Cyclops Goat

Cyclops Goat

Hey guy's, I'm back yesterday I took a little break away from posting due to coming down with a super wicked cold. Well today's embrace the weird I'm going to talk about Cyclops Goat. I encountered this post after doing my daily reading on Huff Post weird news, they featured an article on Ripley's Believe or Nots new book Dare to Look that's coming out soon. The pic with the goat with one eye of course caught my eye so of course  I had to feature it on embrace the weird. Keep reading to find out more.

What the heck is a Cyclops Goat?

Apparently Cyclops Goat got his start over in Africa around 2004 when villagers laid eyes on this startling baby goat.  This actually a rare genetic mutation called cyclopia , this is caused by the failure of the fore-brain and nasal area to develop. This has happened with goats at least 2 other times over the past few years, one in Africa, one in Texas, and one in South Carolina. 

Here's some videos of  Cyclopia

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