Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art Love!:Choi Xoo Ang

Nerd Art Love!

Hey guys hope your having a super fantastic hump day, today I wanted to feature a great artist that I found that has sculptures that are intriguingly weird and awesome. Today's feature will be the work of  sculptor Choi Xoo Ang. Excuse me if I geek out all through this post, in high school sculpture was my favorite form of art, my favorite medium was stone and metal work. Keep reading to get a little info on this amazeballs artist and to see freakishly amazing pics of her work.

Choi Xoo Ang

This sculptor from Seoul is a mixed media genius, who has been able master her dark imagination to create some of the most hyperealistic, blood curdling, freaky pieces that I've ever seen in the sculpting world. Like seriously this stuff is definitely NSFW, and uber weird. Hey I guess that's why I love it Ang really pushes the boundaries from severed hand wings to hauntingly beautiful corseted backs. Choi Xoo Ang skill is remarkable I can't wait to see more works from her.

Choi Xoo Ang beautifully haunting work

So what do you think?  Amazeballs right? Her work is so realistic, at first glance I thought it was real people posing in these abstract ways. You can find Ang's most recent work here. Like, share, and comment below if you liked this post.

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