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Horror Movie Love Monday's: Insidious:Chapter 2

Horror Movie Love Monday

Today's feature is a movie that I've been waiting a whole year to come out. Insidious:Chapter 2 . I was so excited to see this movie,  I was bursting with so much energy that I couldn't sit still through the previews with such bottled up anticipation over this thriller. I initially thought that we weren't going to see this movie until around Halloween time as part of our horror movie month tradition in my household. Well the hubster thought other wise and suggested we go see it now and just trudge through the opening weekend crowd. Luckily for us we made it just in time for the matinee. Keep reading to find out what exactly the sequel is about and for a little taste of a trailer thrown in for good measure.

Insidious: Chapter 2

So basically in this sequel the Lambert family is in danger again with the spirit world and Josh and Renai must figure it out before it destroys their family once and for all. The whole Lambert family is back for this one with a lot of twists and turn at the helm,which includes Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne . I went into this not knowing what to expect with this movie, they really went for that horror mystery vibe the whole way through. The suspense just about drove me crazy, and just when you think again everything is all good in the hood bam! They leave you with an ending that will most definitely result in a third movie. Which to me is pretty amazeballs! I really don't want to give anything away for this movie you just have to go check out for yourself or you can click here to find out more on Insidious:Chapter 2 that will take you to the wiki page that gives away the whole plot. So sorry folk I will not be giving away any spoilers here. Side note I must admit that this movie had a lot of jump from your seat type of moments so beware.

Insidious:Chapter 2 official Trailer

This movie is a definite yay for me as a horror movie lover, no it doesn't have gore but the setup of this movie is awesome and it makes up for the gore in my mind. Like, share, comment, +1 below if you have seen this movie or if you are going to see it.

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