Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trailer Tuesday's: Deep Down

Trailer Tuesday's game trailer

So next up in the days trailer's is Capcom new RPG game Deep Down. Keep reading to find out the amazeballs news if your one of the lucky gamer's that are purchasing the PS4.

Deep Down by Capcom

So Capcom revealed  there latest game at The Tokoyo Game Show , with a trailer for the highly anticipated Fantasy/Action RPG Deep Down. Deep Down lets you explore a dungeon type setting and battle with some fierce dragons, which leads you to believe that you playing a medieval RPG, but Capcom revealed that this action adventure actually is set in 2094 New York. The biggest juiciest tidbit from the reveal is that if you are a PS4 user you will be able to get this game for free exclusively for PS4 gamer.

Deep Down Trailer

So what did you think of the deep down trailer? Will you be running out to by a PS4 just to get the free game play? Seems like their might be more conditions to it, to me this looks like it could be a gimmick just to get people hyped about the game. Its more than likely a one day deal to get the free game play. Like, share, comment.

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