Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nerd Love: Fall

My Favorite time of the year is here

So its almost middle September and my favorite time of the year is upon us once again Fall. I love this time of the year especially living hear in Greensboro,NC. There so many trails, and parks here that there's no way that you can't enjoy nature here.Keep reading for more on why this my favorite time.

Fall just always seems to bring out this light for me

For me this time of the year is very special because of the changing of the leaves I remember when we first moved here back in 09' how amazed I was to see scenery like this. It just blew my socks off to really be in the heart of a fantastic season like this. I'm a city girl from Phoenix,Arizona  which only usually gets maybe 3 seasons Winter, Spring, and Summer, so when we came here it was like a breath of fresh air. As the weeks go on here from the beginning of this season its just amazing to see all the brilliant colors that arise from all the different trees shedding their leaves. Its like living art, that changes week by week by an invisible artist.

Here are some of my favorite pics of Fall here in Greensboro

This just makes me so excited and I can't wait to share more pics of Fall as the season goes on. Check back for more Saturday post like this, as the month go on. Like, share, comment below.

Keep it Nerdy!