Monday, September 23, 2013

Mind=Blown Monday's

Mind Blown Monday's

So today I'm starting a new category on Nerdilista Neda that basically deals with crazy, whacked out, outrageous things that have blown my mind from the previous week, or over the weekend. Monday's will be the day specifically filled with posts from things that still having me scratching my head and can't seem to get over. First post of this category will deal with berries, and what is really categorized as a berry.

So strawberries aren't really berries

That's right you heard me right they what they taught us in school growing up was wrong. You know what are considered berries avocado's, watermelon, pumpkin's,grapes, and banana's. Why? Well by definition berries are fleshy fruit that are produced by a single ovary. Therefore explaining why strawberries aren't  considered berries, because strawberries are known as an accessory fruit. Which means instead of being produced by a single ovary the strawberry is produced by the receptacle that the ovaries are housed in. So once everything is fully developed all the houses merge to form on single fruit. Wow isn't that amazeballs.

Growth of a strawberry

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