Friday, August 9, 2013

Bad ass Mama's Lois vs Francine

Let the debate begin

Like many I am a die hard fan of both "Family Guy" and "American Dad' Seth MacFarlane's genius has been invading my nerd space for countless years. So today I want to do a showdown of the head broads in charge of both show's to see who is more of a badass. First round we are going to start with Francine and Lois's bios.


Full name Lois Griffin

Occupation Housewife, piano teacher,boxer,model,FoxNews Reporter,former Mayor of Quahog, recovering meth addict kleptomaniac,black belt
Spouse:        Peter
Children:       Meg, Chris, and Stewie
Parents:        Barbara and Carter
Siblings:       Patrick and Carol
Brother-in-law: Adam West
Pet:            Brian

Full name Francine Smith

Occupation Housewife,Former Receptionist,groupie,Realtor, Surgeon,Entrepreneur
Spouse: Stan Smith
Children: Hayley and Steve, and Libby (surrogate)
Parents: Nicholas and Cassandra
Adoptive Family  :Bàba, Māma, and Gwen
Pet: Klouse
Roomate:  Roger

Hotness factor, LG vs. FS

Here are some pics below to compare both women, based of these who come out on top? For me Francine whens hands down. Enjoy the pics and you tell me who's the winner of the hotness. 

Here are some vids to finally conclude this debate

Based on this video Lois is one fiery hot mama.

I don't know I think cougar Francine has beat out Lois.

Tell what you think in the comments, who is the supreme Bad Ass mama of the MacFarlane universe ?
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