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Mother preserves son's body in vodka for 18 years

Embrace the weird: Body preserved for 18 years in Vodka

In today's embrace the weird we are going to explore, a mother's love for her deceased child. This mother has gone through extreme lengths to show her undying love for her child through the process of mummification. Yes, you heard right mummification. This is still happening in modern day life,  there are many cultures that still perform this practice on their loved ones. Keep reading for more details.

Joni Bakaradze Mummy

18 years ago a Eurasian mother and her family decided to mummify her son rather than bury him, so that her son's child could grow up and see what type of father he had. Tsiuri  Kvaratskhelia first began the process of preserve her son Joni Bakaradze's body by using traditional methods, which part included using balsam sap. Prompted by a dream Kvaratskhelia states" I had a dream a dream once. Somebody told me to wake up and start using Vodka to care for the body". She went on to also states that she continues to use the spirit in order to keep it preserved even more so that the body doesn't turn black. Although this may seem strange and weird to us, here in the states I could understand the reasoning for Bakaradze's mother in doing this for her late son's child due to the young age that he died which was 22, the need for this grandmother  to ensure that her grandson could always know his father is overwhelming and dear.

Video: Mother keeps dead son's body in vodka for over 18 years

Just remember that even though this may sound weird to us we have to learn to always embrace the customs of different cultures around our world. Also remembering that everyone deals with death and grieves differently, people always express their selves differently when it comes the big D. If you liked this post please share, like, and comment below.

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