Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Movie Love Monday's: Bad Milo

Movie Love

Today's movie love is a movie that I don't really know how to catergorize, other than comedy horror maybe.My husband and myself watched this late on Saturday night and we cracking up and disgusted at the same time.This movie was crazy from the jump, so keep reading below to find out more about 'Bad Milo'.

Who and What is Bad Milo?

Is a movie about a man who has one heck of a demon inside of him. No this is not the metaphorical demons we all deal with that I am talking about, no I am talking about a real life demon that lives inside of his intestines. Yes the demon comes out of his butt, if that's what you were wondering. They are scenes in the movie which are totally gross, but most of it is pretty hilarious if you like that kind of humor. The only reason why I'm labeling it comedy horror, because there are some unexpected gore parts in this movie which was awesome to me. Bad Milo stars : Ken Marino, Patrick Warburton, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Root, Mary Kay Place, Toby Huss, and Kumail Nanjiani.

Bad Milo Trailer

Yay or nay? I give this movie a nerdy yay, why, well I love the gore, and funny combo going on in this movie. That little Milo is so cute and terrifying at the same time you can't help but fall in love with him, well maybe its just me I'm weird like that,lol. If you've seen this movie tell me what you think below. Please share, like, and comment below. Sorry if this post is a little scattered, I'm fighting some cold and cough action over here today.

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