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First Impressions of the new RoboCop trailer

 Will this remake be a hit, or a RoboFlop?

In recent years, Hollywood has bombarded movie-goers with a slew of remakes and reboots such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Total Recall, The Incredible Hulk, and Man of Steel. The stink of 2007’s Spider-Man 3 hadn’t even faded before we got a reboot of that franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012. Now RoboCop will be getting the remake treatment in 2014.

Movie goers have repeatedly expressed their disdain of remaking and rebooting solid classic movies, and rightfully so. Not very many of them have been successful attempts. Will this new RoboCop be any different? Check out the new trailer and decide for yourself.

The first trailer for 2014’s RoboCop was released a couple of days ago, and there has been some buzz about it on internet forums and the YouTube comments sections. As with any remake, comparisons are bound to be made with the original material. Here are four things that stood out in the new trailer that appear to be different from the 1987 RoboCop.

The “Death” of Alex Murphy.

The 1987 version of RoboCop features Murphy being completely ripped to shreds by an onslaught of bullets
and shotgun blasts. The unedited cut of this scene is extremely graphic and ends with Boddicker putting a round through Murphy’s head (of which we get to see brain matter fly out of the back of his head). The level of violence in this scene (in addition to the scene in the beginning where the executive is riddled with bullets from a police robot prototype) originally earned this movie an “X” rating. A lot of the gore was cut out just to get the movie to its “R” rating

In the new trailer, Murphy is severely wounded by a car bomb. It’s bad enough that this movie is a remake, but a car bomb is even less original. However, this remake is rumored to be shooting for a PG-13 rating, so naturally the violence would have to be toned down.

 RoboCop’s Armor.

Silver and black have been the standard colors for RoboCop’s armor in every incarnation of the character, including the cartoons and comic book series. The trailer does feature plenty of shots of RoboCop in the standard colors, but then there are shots of RoboCop in all black. Apparently all black armor is supposed to make him look more “tactical”. Over time, there have been plenty of characters who have changed the color schemes of their outfits, mostly in order to give a “realistic” feel to it. However, there’s really nothing too unrealistic about keeping silver and black. Perhaps the black armor will only be used while he is under the control of his makers.

On the subject of armor, RoboCop’s visor shuts down on his face, much like Tony Stark’s armor does in the Iron Man movies. Not that Iron Man is the only guy that is allowed to have his armor shut down on his face, but this movie is already a remake; no need to borrow elements from other movies.

 RoboCop’s Right Hand.

It’s not really that big of a deal, but apparently Alex gets to keep his right hand in this version of RoboCop. If you recall the gritty execution scene from the original RoboCop, Murphy’s right hand is the first thing to get blown off of his body by Boddicker. Is it a wink to the source material, or just a gimmick by the producers? Who knows?

 Alex Murphy’s wife.

“Ellen” was the name of Alex’s wife in the 1987 RoboCop. Here, her name is “Clara”. Name changes happen all of the time when it comes to characters with very small roles. However, what will be her involvement in this movie? In the original RoboCop, Mrs. Murphy only knew that Alex had been killed. This trailer shows that she may have some sort of role in the final decision of Alex becoming RoboCop. It will be an exciting and interesting dynamic if Alex’s family is shown more in this movie. In the past movies, his family is hardly ever shown even though the scenes where they are featured, a much more vulnerable RoboCop is present .

Official Robocop Reboot Trailer

Update: RoboCop Official Trailer #2

 Of course, no one can determine how good a movie will be just from the trailers alone, but trailers are always good for sparking discussion. More clips and more information about the plot are sure to come, so we’ll have to wait and see where this remake is going. Besides, how bad of a movie can it be when you’ve got Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Nick Fury on the cast?

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