Monday, August 5, 2013

Horror Movie Love Monday's: VHS 2

Horror Movie Love Monday's

Today's awesome bossome feature love is VHS 2, yes there is a sequel to the awesomely gruesome 1st movie. For me the shock factor wasn't there  initially the first few minutes like VHS was, that wow factor in this one didn't hit me until towards the end. Keep reading for a little taste of what VHS-2 has in store.


Like I said above in the first few minutes of the movie I was a little bored, right out the bat I was ready for the instant gore and no not in the obvious way. Shocking gore, is what I was looking for and when I didn't get if shockingly I am almost turned this off. I am a true gore girl , but I am not a cheesy gore fan. For example hanging intestines from someones stomach that just got ripped apart by a zombie or zombies does not shock me, way before "The Walking Dead" I was a surgical tech who was used to seeing peoples insides on  a regular basis. So when I got a little of that cheese gore in the beginning, my bed starting instantly calling my name and it was about to be lights out for VHS 2. Oh, I am happy I stuck around , it really just got better one video after the other.

Red Band Trailer

Should you see it VHS 2

I say yes if your a horror fan like me, but don't go in with the thought that its going to be as crazy as the first one with twist in every video. Just go into open for horror, and you'll enjoy this movie just fine. Well if you've seen this movie leave a comment below and tell  me what you thought of it. Like, Share, Comment.

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