Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday: Natalie Portman

Feature of WCW: Natalie Portman

So today I want to talk about the super smart, super fantastic, super sexy in a nerdy way Natalie Portman.
Why her for Woman Crush Wednesday? Well because she's one of the most intelligent, sweet, and humble actresses around. So why not feature her. So keep reading for her bio, some of my favorite pics of her, and some of my favorite movies that she's been in over the years.

Quick Bio of Natalie 

This 5'3" brilliant actress, Oscar winner, wife, and  mother has been in the game for along time now since 1994 she has been blazing the scene with gorgeous girl next door looks and book worm wit. Most my know Portman from the last three movies in the Star Wars franchise, and from the blockbuster Black Swan with Mila Kunis. Fun fact about Natalie; she has a dual citizenship from Israel and America. Portman is not just another run of the mill actress, she is very intelligent she sports a A.B in psychology from Harvard University. An accomplishment that she's proud to tote, and has been quoted as saying "I'd rather be smart than a movie star". Wow that's not something that you can say that you've heard come out of a lot of  young actresses these days. So kudos to you Natalie, you give me hope that intelligence in the entertainment industry can shine through. Another fun fact, Portman is fluent in French, Japanese, Arabic, and German. The thing about Natalie that I love the most is that she is not afraid of being weird or smart, she's always seems to let people know that external beauty doesn't matter, what matters is the beauty that's inside of you that last forever.

My favorite pics of Natalie Portman

Here are some of my favorite movies of Natalie

Trailer from 'Where the heart is', one of my true favorites this movies just
lifts your heart and spirit

Trailer from 'Closer', Natalie was hot stuff in this movie. She totally made her as a stripper

Trailer from my #1 favorite movie of hers , 'Black Swan'. Really Natalie Portman and Mila
Kunis together was hot,hot,hot. Natalie's performance was superb, she truly deserved the Academy
Award for this performance.

So this ends this weeks WCW, if you want to see more of Natalie Portman check her out in a theater near you when Thor: The Dark World is released on November 8, 2013. Like, share, and comment below, let me know your thoughts on Ms.Portman =)

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