Thursday, August 8, 2013

T.V. Trailer Thursday's: American Dad Season 10

T.V. Trailer Thursday's

So today I am starting another new feature for this blog for a short period of time, and that is T.V. Trailer Thursday's. This feature will be for cool upcoming trailer's for some of your favorite show's coming out in September and October.  So stay tuned over the next few weeks to see some awesome trailers from some of your well loved shows.

American Dad Season 10

Below is the new trailer for American Dad Season 10, this was shown 2 weeks ago at SDCC. Boy are you in for a treat for this new season, especially if your are a die hard fan of AD like I am. So sit back relax, and enjoy the ride for this awesomely bat sh*t crazy trailer.

That was totally amazeballs, I can't wait for September 29, 2013 for the premire on FOX. Did you like this trailer let me know what you thought about. Please like, share, and comment below.

Have an amazeball's type of day fellow nerds,

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