Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First week of school madness!

1st week of kindergarten has arrived!

So the big day finally arrived my son's first day of kindergarten was yesterday. I was in true mommy mode yesterday and barely got any sleep on Sunday, with anticipation of this moment building up. It was so exciting seeing my son wake up and be bursting with joy just to get to school, my husband and myself will do our very best to insure this excitement for years to come when it comes to our child and school.

My epiphany

 I know your wondering why I am sharing this moment, well its special because I can see the nerd in my son coming out and that makes me happy because he at 5 is proud of being a nerd and a little different then some other kids at times. The fact that our son is just like me and my husband when we were kids and that he is not ashamed of that weirdness that lies within him from his parents is complete amazing to me. Why? As a child I remember being ashamed of being different and weird starting from kindergarten. I didn't fully embrace my true self  really until this past year. So for my husband and myself  as my son gets older we will encourage him to fully being no matter if people think its geeky or not he shouldn't feel ashamed of being smart and liking different things that most other kids don't. The moral of the story stand up and be proud of who you are, no matter what age, what your sexual preference is, what color you are just be you.

Its cool being different

This video w/ Goodie Mob and Janelle Monae is awesome, be you and be free. Like, share, and comment below.

Keep it nerdy!

Nerdilista Neda

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