Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Embrace the weird: Zombie Pigeons

Zombie Pigeons!

Hey guys , today's weirdness comes from a post I saw on MSN regarding , freaking Zombie Pigeons. Let me first say sorry for not posting in embracing the weird lately there have been some strange weird things that I have wanted to post but I just have been on brain overload lately. So back to the matter at hand, these damn zombie pigeons. Keep reading to find out if this is just some movie ploy to drum up popularity or if this is a real life occurrence that's happening right now.

What the F**** are Zombie Pigeons?

Well apparently  over in Moscow, Russia there is an epidemic of these rat like creature carrying on like down right zombies. This all stems from intestinal infection that seems to be spreading like wildfire with these birds. Witness have reported seeing the birds walking backwards, twisting their necks, and even standing still in the middle of the streets as on coming traffic comes in their direction. This has struck fear into a lot of residences of Moscow, with whispers of a possible zombie apocalypse due to people being considered with these creatures spreading this virus to humans.  I guess I would be a little fearful to if I saw some pigeon going nuts like that, and saw dead carcases all over the place. No worries though people no zombie apocalypse is among us , states chief sanitary official Gennady Onishchenko, with him saying the birds are just suffering from salmonella poisoning . For me I'm not sure that's absolutely true, but I don't think that zombie pigeons are about to take over the world.

Video shows strange pigeon

Weird !

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