Monday, July 29, 2013

Nerd Jewelry Funday's

Lets talk about Nerd Jewelry!

Tonight I want to start a new feature on my blog Nerd Jewelry Funday's. So every Sunday I'll feature some pretty cool geek designs to freak out your mind. So tonight's round of geek jewelry comes from shops on Etsy. 

First up Nerdy Necessities 
You can find these hand stamped beauties here for $15

Their motto 'Where geek is chic' ,this shop has some pretty cute nerdy stuff that I could see myself buying in the near future. Most if not all of there products are pretty decent in price, no big time mark ups at this shop.
The line of jewelry that stands out to me is Nerdy Necessities  Nintendo line, this line has design that would tickle the fancy of the most hardcore Nintendo head from back in the day. Every design brings up those long lost memories of Nintendo games from gamer's past.  Here are a few of my favorites below.
 Dr. Mario 8 bit pixel earrings get them here for $12
Bowser 8 bit pixel earrings get them here for $10

Burger Time 8 bit pixel earrings get them here for $10

Next Up is Neuron's not included

This shops motto is handmade geeky gifts for people with a sense of humor. Here's a general summary of Neuron's not included :  Neurons Not Included specializes in funny and unique Periodic Table and Science-oriented geeky gifts for the nerd, geek or techy in your life. Their jewelry line is very well priced for the frugal nerd out there. Below our some of my favorite cool pieces from their line . 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lab rule #1 coffee mug get it here for  $12

Science Red blood cell image cuff get it here for $25

X-ray of wrist Aluminium cuff get it here for $25

Periodic Table Geekery Cuff get it here for $25

That concludes nerd jewelry on Etsy, believe when I say this that wasn't even half of what I found as far as Nerd jewelry goes . There are thousands of pieces on Etsy,  and a few hundred different shops that featured geeky type treasures. I'll touch bases again with Etsy and the nerd jewelry realm next month , no worries. So stay tuned next week for another fun filled feature of  nerd jewelry that I've found. If you like this post please share, like , or leave a comment. Oh, and please enjoy the rest of my blog.

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