Thursday, August 29, 2013

Embrace the Weird: Man drinks big toe!

Man Swallows toe on purpose

So today while I was perusing  Huff Post weird news section,  I ran across an article that has my stomach doing all types of twists and turns. What would have my tummy acting this way, well apparently some guy swallowed a toe. Did you hear me? He swallowed a toe. At first I thought it was his own toe(which doesn't make this any better), but no it was not his own toe, it was a reserved toe for a disgusting cocktail. Keep reading and find out more about this horrible cocktail and to see some folk partaking of this actual cocktail.


I don't know the actual answer as to why he actually swallowed the toe, my big thing is why is there a drink with a floating to in it? I can barely write, this is so disgusting to me and yes I'm a big gore fan and I like twisted things, but this ish right here is not one of them. This reminds me of my surgical assistant days and when I would have to scrub in on podiatry surgery for bunions, gross. Well apparently this tradition started back in 1973 when a prohibition rum runner's toe was found on the boat of Captain Dick Stevenson, giving him the bright idea to start the Sour Toe Cocktail Club. No they haven't been using that same toe from 1973 over and over again, but from what I could find out they do try to keep a few fresh ones on hand at anytime. So I guess after this incident they have to get another replacement toe, yuck! Oh yeah and this strange club resides out of Dawson City, Yukon Canada @ a local downtown hotel. Stick around this is going to get a little bit grosser, check out the videos below including my own reaction to this mess.

Sour Toe Madness!

Here's my reaction

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