Saturday, January 12, 2013

Video shows parasitic worm uncoiling from huge dead spider

Hey guys sorry for the day lapse between post, I spent yesterday playing the Wii with my son after he got out of school and guest blogging for my husband's site yesterday. Well today I'm going to post a sort of gross video that I seen over at Huffington Post science this morning.

Spider's and Parasitic Worms my mortal enemies!

I know your thinking it. Why the hell would I watch a video with disgusting worms and creepy spiders? Well this morning that post just caught my eye and the science geek in me just couldn't pass it up to actually see something like that. Especially not in normal video that someone posted on Youtube. You know what I mean you tend to only see something like that on Discovery channel or on the Science channel. So here is the clip that I'm talking about from Youtuber Brent Askwith .

WTF is this thing?

Super gross right, but you can't turn away can you?  The name of this parasite is a Nematode which is a type of roundworm, which can adapt to all types of species and climates and terrains. First off for me all I think of of was that I couldn't believe that this guy had that big of a spider in his house just chilling. Second of all that is a pretty bad ass worm to just bust out of that spiders abdomen like a scene from Alien. That freekin nematode is huge, wow I have never seen anything like this. According to scientist we all have thousands of tiny nematode inside of us most of the time causing no type of harm to us. Here's what entomologist Dr. Brian Farrell had to say about this strange creature inside of us.

"Most have no obvious effect on us, and we are mostly unaware of their presence," he wrote in an e-mail, "but a few are large enough to cause diseases such as trichinosis."
 "My personal favorite is Toxoplasma gondii," Dr. Farrell wrote, "the protozoan that infects cats (and is the reason pregnant women should not be around cats). Toxoplasma also infects rats and makes them unafraid of cats, so they get eaten and the parasites are able to then infect the cats they desire. Weird." via huffington post science

Super smart parasite

Double weird no offence but I'm not a big cat lover so keeping away from cats during my pregnancy was no problem at all. Well at least we know now why some doctors tell you that if your pregnant.
Well that's enough for me for the day hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far and remember if you like this post please comment and share.

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