Monday, January 7, 2013

Horror Trailer Love: Evil Dead

So today's trailer that I want to show you is the remake of the cult horror classic The Evil Dead. Its set to be released on April 12, 2013, and is deemed as the most horrifying movie of the year. 

At first I was a little skeptical about them making when I heard that they were creating one last year. In my mind I figured that it was going to be full of CGI which isn't a bad thing for some movies but when it comes to horror movies it tends to make it cheesy when you do that. Well I didn't watch the trailer that came out for the New Evil Dead I was still on the mindset that it was going to a whole lot of nothing. Then a couple of days ago I saw a post on Huffington Post Entertainment, I think the title of the post was the most disgusting movie of all time watch at your own risk. So of course me being a gore fan that peeked my interest to see what they were talking about, boy oh boy did I get a surprising shock.

So to my delight, I found that they've stuck with the core concepts when it comes to gore and horror to essentially make this Evil Dead an awesome updated version of the original. Below is a couple of my favorite stills from the trailer.

Welp, to all my true gore fans I hope you enjoyed the Evil Dead Redband trailer 2013. If you liked it or didn't like the trailer comment and let me know. Check back April 13th for my review of the movie.

Keep it nerdy!

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