Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cool Tech News: Driverless cars

Driverless cars are no longer a fantasy

So yesterday while browsing my favorite tech/geek news site bit rebels, I came across an article about driverless cars being here sooner than we think. It blew my mind that we have finally got our stuff together and their are companies beside Google that have clear concepts already in the works that could be rolled out in the next couple of years. Car companies like Toyota, Audi, and Mercedes have concept cars already produced that they revealed recently at the Las Vegas tech convention CES this week. Below are a few pics of these new concept cars of the near future.

Google's driverless car

Lexus Driverless car

Audi's driverless car

Mercedes driverless car

Yes, I know some of you are skeptical that this is even serious, well this is super serious California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill back in Sept.2012 making driverless cars legal in the state of California. The future is now for technology in all facets of life right now so strap on your seat belts this is going to be a pretty amazing ride. Below is a video from the action at CES so far this week and you'll get to see the driverless car in action.

Also as an extra here is an infographic via bit rebels that breaks down what driverless cars will do for us now and in the near future.

Sorry its so small to see the bigger version of it click here.

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