Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cool Science News: Giant Squid Video

Giant Squid Video Revealed

It was revealed today a video showing the first ever giant squid in it natural habitat. A team of scientist part of the Japanese National Museum of Nature and Science captured the footage in cooperation with NHK and Discovery Channel.

I know this pic doesn't do it justice but this giant squid is reported at being 10 ft in length, I don't know about you but at no point in my lifetime would I want to run into a 10 foot squid in the ocean. I love to explore, but seeing this sea creature up close and personal would more than likely give me an instant heart attack. LOL. Below is clip from the actual footage that we be released in full detail on the Discovery Channel special "Monster Squid: The Giant is Real" Jan. 27th 

Even though this footage on this youtube video is short its showing some amazing content for what will be in store for this Discovery channel special later on in the month. I can remember last year watching the previous special about founding the giant squid, I actually watched a special where they did show some footage from back in 2009 or 2010 of a giant squid but they weren't able to verify for sure the actual length of the squid but it was said to be about 20 feet in length.

Man I can't wait to see this special on Discovery Channel I am assured that it will fascinating.

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