Thursday, January 10, 2013

Embrace the weird: London men's fashion week fall 2013

Men's fashion week London 2013

So another the first major fashion week of the new year is upon us, the uber popular London fashion 2013 is upon us. I want to focus on the men's wear that is gracing the catwalk this week, and no I know your thinking I'm going to go with the clean classic lines of traditional menswear as the picture above shows. Nope I'm going to show you some of the crazy fashions that some designers premiered this week.

First up Sibling 

Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery, make up the super fun group of designers. These UK boys have figured out a way to make knits into funky crazy out of this world designs that have everyone talking. They started their first line back in 2008, from a desire to create super cool knitwear for men. Here's some bits and pieces of what the gent's want to accomplish with their fashion.

 SIGNATURES: “Colourful, well-made, luxury knitwear for a man bored with the grey V-neck option.”
IDEAL CLIENT: “A man of any age with a sense of humour as defined in his sense of fashion.”
TRADEMARK PIECE: “If it were a popularity contest, it would be a fight between the Knit Monster and the printed Knitted Biker. Knit Monster probably wins although we do produce a version of both a biker jacket and a fair isle most seasons. As a signature look, it’s probably a punked-up fair isle scarf under a knitted biker.” 

Next Up Craig Green

I know what your thinking, What the heck is this ? Why sticks glued to a mask on someones face considered fashion? Well it looks like Craig Green is part of the growing trend of young fresh fashion designer testing the limits of convention by thinking way outside of the box. For some this may seem weird but to others like me this is a way of exploring what the limits of your creativity can be. It looks like Greens creativity just built up and up over the years and this design is part of the results of him taking passion for design to outer space.Craig Green has even worked with Adidas for a collaboration David Beckham's shoes with the shoe brand. Below is a pic of Craig's head pieces as part of his collabaration with Christopher Shannon, if you want to see more of his work click here.

Last but not least J.W Anderson

No this is not a preview of Kanye West new menswear line. LOL. This is a preview of J.W Anderson , and yes that is a man in a romper. If you browse Anderson's website this is one of many interesting twist to men's fashion for fall 2013. I find it very interesting that Anderson is pushing the limits of what is deemed acceptable for men and women to wear in this day and age. I think its gutsy and ballsy to make statements like this as a designer. I'm not saying that soon you'll be seeing loads of men walking around in these types of ensemble , but it will get people talking. All I can say is that J.W definitely put a ? and a smile on my face for thought provoking design. If you want to see more of what J.W. Anderson has to offer click here

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