Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nerdy Show that you must watch: Workaholics

So about 2 months ago I left the channel on Comedy Central after watching Tosh.O and I got a very good surprise of a crazy, quirky show by the name of Workaholics. I swear to you 10 min. in and I was left  wondering WtH is going on. I was just non stop weirdness, craziness that just leaves you craving more. Bravo to Comedy Central for this super crazy hit.

What is Workaholics?

Workaholics is about 3 friends Blake,Ders, and Adam who work a 9-5 as telemarketers, live together from 5-9, and party together 24/7. I recently did a mini Netflix marthon of  Season 1 of  Workaholics to get somewhat caught up and I was literally in tears by the end of it. What  makes this show work is the 3 main characters Blake,Adam, and Ders, their different personalities together make for unexpected comedic gold. Basically its about 3 best friends who like to get high and drunk, and love telemarketing.

 Adam DeMamp, impulsive, impish, immature and fun-loving, severely narcissistic, and is known for having somewhat of an anger problem. Adam is the weird party animal.

Blake Chesterfield Henderson, the more zany and eccentric one, but at times the most sensible.
 Blake is like the lovable, funny teddy bear hair, sweet one of the group

 Anders 'Ders' Holmvik, the most responsible of the three, but also tends to be easily misled and silly.
 Ders is really the most sensible one of the group but when blazed can be extremely wild.

Enough talk here's a little clip of Workaholics

Remember Keep it Nerdy and always embrace your true self.