Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nerdilista Freakout Review: Grimm Season 2 Episode 3

Last nights episode was another truly awesome creation. It was full of big bad Coyotl's,sleeping beauty(Juliette) finally got to go home, and Nick finally got to tell his deep dark secret to his partner/best friend Hank. So as usual I'm going to talk about some of my favorite parts from the episode last night. Want to hear about it here it goes.

How bout them Coyotl's 

Silly me all these years I thought the big bad wolf  was the badass of the fairy-tell world. Boy was I wrong, Coyotl's there pack is vital to their survival, hunting together to ensure that certain things will be achieved. When you join this pack your in it for life and beyond. They also have twisted sick way of what they think will make them immortal. To ensure the purity of their race they take a pure blood  female teenager at the age of  17 to perform and basically rape her during a full moon so that the great ancestors will be pleased. This ritual is called the fertility matrix assuring that the young woman be able to breed the ideal pack bearing strength and immortality. Pretty sick right?

Hank's awakening

In this episode is fully brought into the world of Grimm's, and finally realizes that he's not the only who's experience this fairly crazy world. In the beginning of this episode Hank see's a pyschatrist to sort out this visions he has in his head from his last run in with Monroe. He gets so caught up in these visions that he ends up grabbing the doctor thinking that he's captured Monroe. He gets the surprise of his life when helping a friend he discovers first hand that the friends daughter is a Coyotl after she transforms in front of him and Nick. The best thing about this episode is  that the writers didn't go in the direction of Hank not trusting Nick for not telling him about what he is and what Nick can see. He's actually relieved in the thought that he's not the only one who can see the crazy ish around him.

Just in case you missed the episode Monday night, you can watch it here for free. Enjoy!

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