Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nerdilistat Freakout Review: Grimm Season 2 Episode 2

So a whole lot of stuff went down in last nights episode, which was actually the continuation of last weeks premiere episode. I won't go into to much detail just in case you didn't get to watch it last night, I'll  just talk about my favorite tidbits from last nights badass episode.

The fight between Nick,the saber-tooth creature, and Nick's Mom was totally epic. There was a lot of ass kicking happen in the first few minutes of the show. It totally reminded me of the fight with Knives and Scott against Gideon in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World". Its was refreshing to see some ass kicking action in the very start of the show.

Hank's eyes are starting to open to the strange things that are happening around him.He's not losing his mind anymore to all the weirdness. He's focusing now more on Nick, he's starting to put 2 and 2 together when it comes to his partner and all the strange things that he's seen lately.

Not only did dear old mommy deal out some awesome tag team action in the start of the episode, but her super badassness continued on through the rest of the show. She dealt out some justice for her son's fiance with the Hexenbeast's mama. The look on Mama Hexenbeast face when she realized she was dealing Mommy Grimm was absolutely priceless. It looks like Mommy Grimm is here to stay, and here to protect her family even if they don't want her too. She's a mommy on a mission to protect her son.

So lets talk about Prince Raider, we get a little glimpse of his true form in this episode and a little bit more about the Royal family. Can I say that that the pure of heart  concoction that Mama Hexenbeast gave him looked like chunky spoiled milk. Gross. I still can't believe that he was going to be the one to help save Juliette. That spoiled milk concoction sure did pack a mean punch, Raider had a total freakout  moment.

How cute were Monroe and Rosalee last night, they are totally ride or die for each other. I like how Monroe came out talking about he was "this close to ripping her face off" when he was speaking of Mama Hexenbeast after she bullied Rosalee. They are totally the dynamic duo in the show.

 Check out the full episode 2 of Grimm above, and tune in next week for the new episode that features some Bad Wolf Bullies. Grimm Monday's on NBC 9/8c.