Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nerdilista Freakout review: Grimm Season 2 epi. 1

So without giving to much away if you haven't watched the episode yet I will give you my reaction to last nights Season 2 premiere of Grimm. I'm going to post a few pics to go along with my reaction.

Nick's mom is alive and is a complete Badass!
This Lady was kicking ass and taking names all while cooking and cleaning up.
Very excited to see where here story line goes in this season.

Nick's friends Monroe and Roslee totally have his back.
Not only are they try to figure out a cure to bring Juliette out of the coma,
they were ready to ride or die when they thought Nicks Mom was a threat.

Nick's fiance Juliette is either Snow White or Sleeping Beauty,
and could possibly wake up out of her comma not remembering her
Prince Charming.

Nick's partner Hank is slowly losing his mind with,
flashbacks of meeting Monroe in the forest.
Will he be able to process what's going on , or 
will he end up in a mental institute.

Captain Renard is still a sneaky S.O.B.
Looks like he is actually helping Nick this season.
All without Nick knowing, looks like we will finally
see who Renard really is.

This French Saber tooth monster really brought the 
gore out for this Season 2 premiere.
If your a true gore fan like me, I have a 
feeling that Grimm is definitely going to bring
it to us this season. Yeah, blood and guts!

Oh yeah, this episode is in 2 parts
so check back next Monday 9/8c for
the rest of this season premiere.

 Just in case you missed the Season 2 premiere part 1, here it is the full episode from 8-13-12.

Have an awesome day everyone!
Keep it Nerdy!