Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doctor Who Season 7 makes me a very happy nerdy girl =)

So all this time I thought that I was going to have to wait till the end of September for the season premiere, but know to my surprise I found out that its actually premiering on Sept. 1. I fell in love with the Doctor a few years ago back in the finale episode when David Tenant was the great Doctor. When Matt Smith became the new Doctor I was a little put off by him in the beginning, but I must admit that after that first episode I was totally in love Matt as the Doctor. Like I kick myself in the butt now because I wish that I would have been up on Doctor Who years ago, but that's okay because now I am a true blue Who fan.

Season 7 is going to be EPIC!

Holy $h*tsnacks from what I've read and seen so far in the season 7 trailer this is going to an absolute treat for all the Who fans. "We have I think, our biggest ranges of  EVER. We've got the return of Daleks and The Weeping Angels-both of them poll-topping "Doctor Who" adversaries - in cracking new stories, we've got Dinosaurs on a spaceship, we've got a glorious western with a Cyborg Gunslinger, the most unusual invasion Earth story Ever, and a location shooting in New York for the Pond finale." Says Steven Moffat lead writer and producer on the new season.

Asylum of the Daleks

So be warned I have a little spoiler about the season 7 opener. In "Asylum of the Daleks" the Doctor is forced into an impossible mission after being kidnapped by his oldest foe- to a place even the Daleks are too terrified to enter....The Asylum. A planetary prison confining the most terrifying and insane of their kind., the Doctor and the Ponds must find an escape route. But with Amy and Rory's relationship in a meltdown, and an army of mad Daleks closing in, it is up to the Doctor to save their lives and the Pond's marriage. So super excited I just want Saturday Sept. 1 to hurry up and get here.

Here's the actual Season 7 trailer just in case you missed it. Also if you want to catch up on favorite Season 6 moments of Doctor Who tune into BBC America on Friday the 31 they will also being showing all of the recent Doctor Who specials again.

Remember keep it Nerdy!
Neda Smith