Thursday, October 3, 2013

T.V. Trailer Thursday's: The Original's

Tonight's the night!

Hey guys another T.V. Trailer Thursday is upon us, today's trailer is a spin-off of one the CW's most popular shows The Vampire Diaries. CW's The Originals . Keep reading to find a little back story of what the show is about and stay tuned for the official show trailer.

The Originals

This spin-off from the TVD is set in New Orleans , and centers around the Mikaelson siblings other wise known as the worlds original vampires. The Siblings Klaus,Elijah, and Rebekah, are back to take over the city that Klaus originally had control of and to protect Klaus's unborn child. There will be some adversaries though that will not allow that to happen, mainly Klaus's protege Marcel who has laid claim to being the Vampire King of New Orleans. This birth of this child that is carried by Klaus's lover Haley, will be the first heir to a hybrid (half vampire) (half werewolf), so there will be a fight of tooth and nail to protect the heir. To me this looks like a very interesting drama action filled show, to tell you the truth I haven't actually watch The Vampire Diaries yet it hasn't really sparked my interest yet. With the Originals coming out tonight though I might have to get Netflix caught up on TVD so that I can be able to follow along with what's going on. The other thing that peeks my interest about The Originals besides the smoking hot guys in the show is depth that they are about to explore with some of the original history of  New Orleans, I've always been interested in the back story of New Orleans and  the supernatural realm that every writer seems to be fascinated with especially writers of any thing Vamp. So we will just wait and see how they play everything out.

The Originals CW trailer

Catch CW's The Originals series premier after the season premier of The Vampire Diaries tonight. TVD @ 8/7 c and The Originals at 9/8 c. Like,share, and comment if you'll be glued to the T.V. tonight.

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