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Captain America The Winter Soldier trailer

Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer re-“Cap”

The Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer recently hit the internets, and upon watching it three times in a row (which is something I always do to take everything in), I must say that this film looks very promising.
With Iron Man 3 likely to keep the top spot of the highest grossing film of 2013 and the release of Thor: The Dark World coming on November 8, it looks like Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two is definitely well underway.

I grew up reading a slew of comic books, mostly from Marvel, so I’m very excited that the MCU has been as successful as it has been so far. Admittedly, I wasn’t much of a collector of the Captain America comic books even though I did have knowledge of the character. 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger dramatically increased my interest in Captain America, and I really dug him in the Avengers, so here I am now giddy as a little kid gawking over the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer. 

So if I had to make some educated guesses about what’s going to be happening in this Captain Am, I would say that we’re going to have a story that deals with Steve Rogers not exactly approving of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s methods of keeping the nation’s best interests at heart. I also feel as if there will be a theme of betrayal on some level somewhere in this film, although I couldn’t find anything in the trailer to completely support that. Throw in Anthony Mackie as the Falcon and Academy Award winner Robert Redford as Nick Fury’s buddy, Alexander Pierce, and you’ve got yourself one helluva movie!
As always, I like to pick apart trailers and mention some interesting things that I noticed, so here are X things worth mentioning about the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer:

If you haven’t seen the trailer, stop reading now and watch it below

 Captain America Has Changed Tailors

So far we’ve seen Captain America in his World War II get-up from the first Captain America movie, and we’ve seen a variation of his more recognizable uniform in the Avengers. The Avengers version of his uniform didn’t take too well with some viewers, although I personally liked it. Steve’s uniform in this film looks to be inspired from the Steve Rogers Super Soldier comic book series. I had my reservations on how this uniform would look based on what I saw from early production photos, but I think this uniform is going to work out just fine. There are a couple of shots of Cap donning his old WWII get-up, so we’ll see how that comes into play.


Nick Fury’s Life Hangs in the Balance

I presume that Steve will be pursuing the Winter Soldier for a good chunk of this movie, and what’s a good cat-and-mouse type story arc without some good old motivation behind it? At the 1:02 mark, we can see that Nick Fury is lying on an operating table with tubes hanging out of his mouth. My guess is it’s from injuries from the attack on Fury’s vehicle by the Winter Soldier shown a few seconds later. I personally think this is going to change Steve’s outlook on freedom that he and Fury discussed early in the trailer.

Betrayal Looks Likely

As I said before, I don’t have any hard evidence supporting this statement, but I would have to guess that someone is going to be betraying S.H.I.E.L.D. Why do I say this? Well first, it looks as if Steve comes to the realization of something sinister around the 1:30 mark right before asses in that elevator are kicked. Second (and I really hated seeing this spoiler) the highly secured helicarrier comes crashing down in the last few seconds of the trailer! The only other person to have caused major damage to the helicarrier was of course the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Barton aka Hawkeye in The Avengers. I’m interested in seeing who is responsible for that although I could have done without actually seeing it in the trailer.

 Black Widow May Be Down For the Count

Check out the 1:40 mark. Steve is carrying out a figure who I presume is Black Widow judging from the streak of red hair on the side of Cap’s shield. I think some people fear that Black Widow may play too big of a part in a Captain America movie, but something tells me that the attack which incapacitated her, as well as the attack putting Nick Fury in danger may happen early in the film. A threat that’s taking out S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and crippling the helicarrier is probably going to require Cap to seek help. That help will probably come in the form of the Falcon, which brings me to…..

 Falcon’s Introduction to the MCU

I don’t personally know too much about the Falcon, but I’ve heard that he is the first mainstream African-American superhero. All of that aside, Falcon looks like he’s going to be able to hold his own in this film. Whether or not he will make any appearances in Avengers: Age of Ultron remains to be seen.

 The Winter Soldier is a Total Badass

Let’s just get this out of the way: “Bucky” Barnes is the Winter Soldier. If you didn’t know that, then you might be living under a rock. With that said, the few shots that we get of the Winter Soldier show that he’s a master tactician, he can hold his own in a fist fight with Cap, and he can catch Cap’s shield flying at him with one hand! Cap is going to have his hands full in this movie, especially when he learns of the Winter Soldier’s true identity.

In conclusion

The MCU has definitely got its work cut out for it in Phase Two if it expects to build the anticipation that the Phase One movies did for the Avengers. Despite the gargantuan earnings that Iron Man 3 had, I personally had mixed feelings about Iron Man 3, so much so that I haven’t even bought it on blu-ray yet. Thor: The Dark World isn’t getting the best of early reviews right now, but we’ll see how everyone likes it when it releases next month. Quite honestly, the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the first thing that I’ve seen that at least has an aura that feels like The Avengers, so hopefully this film will be a step in the right direction for building up to The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014.

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