Thursday, October 17, 2013

Krokodil, is it really worth the high?

New street drug eats you from the inside out

Really I'm asking this serious question about this new drug that has supposedly hit the states recently from Russia. What drug am I talking about? Krokodil, which is apparently a heroin substitute. This stuff is no joke as far as the fact that it basically eats you from the inside out.I know your wondering why is this a topic of discussion on this blog, well the nerdy side of me is super fascinated with the fact that people are really shooting up a drug that has components of gasoline in it just to get high. So I figured others like me would be interested as well. Keep reading to find out more about this horrific drug that is now on our shores.

What the hell is Krokodil?

Okay I'm going to be really brief here and to the point with discussion of this drug. This is not a post promoting this drug or post against it. To be honest people are going to do whatever the hell they want to do, even if it means flesh falling off their bones to get pleasure. So this is just an informant post so that hopefully that anyone reading this will look at this and think 'I'm not going to be a dumb ass, I'm staying away from Krokodil'. What is Krokodil:

  1. Is a cheap street version of desomorphine
  2. Not even close to desomorphine, its made up of things like codeine, headache pills,iodine,gasoline, paint thinner, or sometimes even alcohol 
  3.  It rots the skin when injected
  4. Gives you green roting sores and abscesses that resemble crocodile skin
  5. Users are addicted the instance they use it
  6. With the high only lasting an 1 1/2 users are left craving more
  7. Withdrawal begins the instantly after none use, so that encourages user to keep going back for more

Check these videos below to see the carnage of Krokodil

So really is it worth it?

I say a big ole no! Hey everyone at some point in their lives have addictions or demons that they are trying to fight, but never have I seen in my lifetime a drug as devastating as this one. Hell I thought Meth was the only drug that could truly destroy our country, guess I was wrong. It freaks me out not only for the pics, but how fast this insane drug got over here from Russia, its even freaks me out more that people in my hometown of Phoenix,AZ have fallen into the trap of the Krokodil. I ask again is it really worth getting your leg or arm amputated for a high that only last maybe an hour? Please pass this information along  and be on the look out for this drug, it literally is turning people into zombies in my opinion.

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Drugs are bad MmmKay! Especially that Krok!