Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Did you know? That Daryl Hannah is Autistic.

Wow I didn't know

So famed Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah revealed to People magazine this week that she is autistic. This to me just show the power and determination of different people around the world. This world renowned actress has been living with autism since she was a teenager when she was originally diagnosed.  Hannah explained that at the time of her diagnosis, doctors did not fully understand the disorder and the solution at the time was to institutionalize and keep her on medication to treat it. Keep reading to find out why she wouldn't accept that as a solution to her disorder.

Daryl Hannah the reluctant movie star

Hannah felt isolated from other kids her on age and fell instantly in love with old movies and through her love of them she found comfort and a love for acting. At 17 Daryl packed her things and moved to LA to pursue acting, basically bucking back against the cards that had been laid on the table. Thank God she did, Hannah to me has always been a unique treasure in almost every movie that I have seen her in. One would never be able to tell from this uniqueness that she was autistic, as we have seen over the years of many more children being diagnosed with the disorder that there is no real face of the disease. Not to say that Hannah never struggled in Hollywood with her condition. She has been horribly fearful of her fame, often choosing not to do interviews and walk Red carpets because of it. People also interviewed one of Hannah's friends told People mag that when Daryl is passionate about something like the environment then all  her fear goes down the drain and she shines right through.

For me this story really touched me people with the will and determination people can break through anything they are going through, that you don't have to accept what other people determine the way you should live your life based on your current circumstance. Please share, like, and  comment below if you can relate to this post in anyway.

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