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Anime Review Sunday: Demon King Daimao

Another Anime Review is upon us

Today's Anime up for review is Demon King a manga turned anime by Shotaro Mizuki and Souichi Ito. I've thrown in an action/ adventure. Again this was only adapted with 12 episodes which I watched on CrunchyRoll my favorite site to watch anime these days. So keep reading to find out about this very interesting series.

Demon King Daimao

So here's the generic breakdown of  Demon King Daimao via wiki:

This is the story of love, magic, and battles revolves around Akuto Sai,a boy who aims to be part of his country's highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergy. On the day that he is admitted into Constan Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: Future Occupation: Demon King. Thus begins his severe school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head,desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful android.
 Main Characters to me :

Akuto Sai: Akuto has an incredible amount of power within him that sometimes get out of control. Akuto has a highly serious personality but is not without some humor.

Junko Hattori: Junko is the Little Miss Perfect of the school, you know the type that follows all the rules and doesn't been them for anything due to her serious since of honor to her clan. Well all of that gets thrown out of the window when she meets Akuto , then begins the love hate struggle of the ages.

Kena Soga: This little cutie brings about the biggest humor of this series with her extreme love of rice and through her power to become invisible at will. She tends to become invisible at some of the most random moments so your always in for a surprise when you suddenly see underwear just floating by.

Korone: Is the creepy green haired android that has been sent to basically watch over and observe the Demon King. What I like the best about her is her love of creeping Akuto with doing or mentioning perverted things at times where Akuto is not expecting it just to get a rise out of him. Which is a suprisingly human trait for an android being.

Peter Hausen: The kick ass dragon who was under the control of the last Demon King. I love this Dragon and his sarcastic self. He is truly one the Demon Kings best friends even if he doesn't want to be.

Fujiko Eto: This purple haired beauty has a very strange obsession with the new Demon King, and goes out of her way to gain a hold of him so that she can become The Demon Queen.  This head of the girls dorms and leader of the discipline committee, is totally one strange bird back in her room she secretely converses with her deceased brother who's head she has saved in a jar. Her initial efforts to get with the Demon King at first have to do with power but as time goes she steadely falls in love or lust with Akuto.

Here's a little taste of Demon King Daimo

Wow, I watched this on CrunchyRoll a couple of weeks ago and its left me wanting more, by the way when Akuto demons out he suddenly becomes super hot. Like, share, and comment below people enjoy your Sunday.

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