Friday, January 3, 2014

Cracktastic Funny Video of the Day

Yes you heard right Cracktastic

I just wanted to start this new feature of that will show videos found around the web that just crack me all the way up. Over the next few days some of the videos will be from Fox's Animation Domination ADHD that comes on late Saturday nights. This first video is something that I saw a couple of months ago, and should have featured on this site then. Well while chatting with a friend of mine on Facebook, this specific video popped into my head and I had to watch again. Keep reading so you can see what the hell I am talking about and let me warn you now this video is mildly explicit.


I don't know about you but this just cracks me up every freaking time I see it, whoever this chick is that's singing  just makes this even more deliciously awesome for me. Science,Science, Scientifically Accurate Thundercats  Hooo!!!!! Got any funny ass videos that you've seen lately share them with me on G+ or Facebook. And most definitely share,like and comment tell me what you think of this video.

Keep it Nerdy!!

Nerdilista Neda