Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013's Top Neeky people of Facebook

There was a lot of Crazytown in 2013

Lets be honest there was a lot of cringe worthy moments of 2013 that a lot of wish would crawl back into the hole they came from. Yes I could run over the long list and create a post full of bs, but I won't. I want to focus on one of the most important factors of 2013 that I feel deserves attention. 2013 was the year of freedom for a lot of adult Nerds and Geeks, a lot of us where on the I don't give a **** status this year and it produced some pretty amazeballs results on Facebook alone. Keep reading below as I pay homage to all my favorite Neeks  of Facebook.....

Cheers to all who made 2013 awesomely nerdy for me

First up the owner or owners of fantastical Facebook page of The Secret Nerd base, like my newsfeed has never been so freakin hilarious, TSN always seems to come up with or find the most out of this world nerd memes and pics out there. Its always a great day on Facebook thanks to The Secret Nerd base.

Next up one of my favorite geeks sites in the world Aggressive Comix, between their Facebook page, Youtube channel and website I always stay thoroughly entertained, with the updates and videos that they put out, and what always keeps me coming back for more on their Youtube channel is their show Geekgasm hosted by the witty, and gorgeous Jenny Lorenzo. Check out some Jenny's work in the video below.

Next up is one of my absolute favorite Facebook pages of 2013, IFLS (i fucking love science). IFLS has helped me to get eye rolls and blank stares all year from my husband because of all the delicious nuggets that they posted daily. I love this site because it fulfills the need in me daily to learn something new, with just one Facebook post,lol. Oh yeah and for all you parents out their they also have a child friendly IFLS page called Science is Awesome.

Now for a little taste of the Cosplay world let me introduce you to one of my favorite Cosplayers of 2013 in my eye Ms. Ivy Doomkitty, talk about holy wow,wow. Doomkitty is an amazingly sexy and vivacious Cosplayer taking all of the Cons of 2013 by storm. Let me tell you her Ms.Marvel costume will knock your socks all the way off. So if you want to see some real hot Cosplay head over to Ivy's Facebook page right, and ogle at the glory of her.

My last and favorite of 2013 would be Mr. George freakin Takei, he has put out a plethera of geeky, nerdy and make you feel good post this year. Hats off to Mr.Takei, there were a lot of hateful moments being passed around on Facebook in 2013, and George just seems like he has this way to turn things around like this and turn them positive to bring people around the world together. Head over to his page to see what I'm talking about, and no you don't have to be a Trekkie to like his page.

So that's my little quick list of some awesome people and pages on Facebook, the question is what's your favorites of 2013 on Facebook. Let me know in the comments below. Cheers to the year ahead everyone, and be safe while your rocking out the last day of 2013.

Keep it Nerdy!!!

Nerdilista Neda

Cheers to an awesome and Nerdy 2014