Monday, January 13, 2014

Countdown to Archer Season 5 Premier

Tonight's the Night!

My favorite show on FX is back for another season, and I am so freaking excited that its here.
Archer Season 5 starts back tonight and from the looks of it, we are all in store for a wild ride. This spoiler article from UpRoxx totally had me salivating last week. I shouldn't have to remind you that if you don't want to see the spoilers than don't click the link, and get ready for Crazytown  tonight on FX. So I wanted to countdown the Archer Premier with a few of my favorite GIFs from the show over the year. Keep reading to see my top favs and try to figure out what episode and season they are from.

Here's a rapid fire of Archer GIFs for you to enjoy




So are you excited as me to see Archer tonight? I have a crap load more of Archer GIFs, but I figured I'd just narrow it down to all time favorite characters on the show. Well enjoy the show later on tonight @10pm est. and let me know what you guys thought of the first episode of Season 5, and check back here there maybe a video review later on this week. Like,share,comment =)

Keep it Nerdy!!!!

Kick back, relax and watch Archer on FX!