Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nerdilista Freakout Review: Grimm Season 2 Episode 4


Last nights episode was really good , i was excited to see that they are totally pushing forward with Monroe and Rosalee's relationship. Without giving to much away I want to break down my fav. moments from the "Quill" episode on last nights Grimm.

I am really excited for the new direction that Hank and Nicks partnership is going in. Don't get me wrong Hank is still having little freak out moments, but it seems like him and Nick are now the dynamic duo. which is awesome. This season should play out really well with this new dynamic now that Hank knows everything.

Thinks got real hot and steamy last night with Monroe and Rosalee, I really didn't think that they were going to take it there with these two. So far they've been keeping it kind of cutesy with them so far, so as you'll see in the episode there is a little twist in Rosalee's steaminess.

Now lets talk about  the ish I don't like. In this episode some weird boiley  disease has shown up all over town that can turn Grimm type creatures completely mad. Now normally I get excited when I see stuff like that but not this time. Why because I hate boils, I know that this is a tv show but who ever the make up artist was for this episode did an awesome job of making it look very realistic. It takes me back to the days when I was first starting off as a surgical tech and we had to remove a patients boil, it was so gross when the surgeon made the incision and all the gooey grossness came oozing out, and to add to the grossness it smelled so horrible. So no those parts of the episode were not enjoyable for me seeing people with boiley faces and bodies.

Just in case you missed last nights episode here it is in all its fullness.

Keep it Nerdy!

Neda Smith