Thursday, September 6, 2012

Movie you must see if your a Gore Nerd: REC. 3

REC 3 : Genesis

True gore fans stand up, this movie right here REC 3 is the one that will truly satisfy your need for gore. Yes this movie is subtitled, but  there is so much action going on that you don't even care about them. This is the third installment of the REC series it is directed by Paco Plazo and starring Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin.

What starts off  as a sweet and innocent wedding turns into the nightmare wedding of the year for the main characters Clara and Koldo. I normally hate POV horror movies, I just don't like the shakiness I usually always feel like I need to throw up after watching them. With REC 3 it starts like that with different footage from the grooms cousin , the wedding photographer and cell phone footage from the wedding guest. What made me really like this REC is that the whole film was not just shot in POV they actually switched it up and it made it more enjoyable to watch. Everything seems good until Koldo who says he was bitten by a dog (and who says he's perfectly fine) starts vomiting and takes a tumble off the balcony outside of the ballroom. Also while the bride and groom are inside getting their groove on the dance floor, people in hazmat suits and the police start to surround the mansion where the wedding is being held. After the uncle falls off the balcony ish starts to get real, as the mysterious illness that turns people into man eating zombies starts to over take the  whole wedding party. 

I know that this movie got some bad reviews because a lot of people felt that it strayed away from the serious plot lines of the first two movies in this series.  I have to say that me personally didn't mind this new direction, because I didn't really much care for the second movie of the series. This third movie was a dream come true for my gorey loving heart. Whoever did the make up and special effects really did an awesome job, especially in the chainsaw seen with the bride. Pure perfection. Below I'm going to post the trailer for this bloody gore fest of a movie.

So if your truly into gore and really don't care so much about the plot line, then this is the movie for you. It should be on video on demand now, I actually saw it last night on the HDNMV channel on DISH, but it should be available in some theaters starting Sept. 7.

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Neda Smith

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