Monday, July 21, 2014

Art Love!:Fábio Magalhães

Art Love!! The Work of Fabio Magalhaes

Hey everybody, hope you have a super nerdy day so far. Today's art feature is the work of Fabio Magalhaes, who is a Salvador, Brazil based artist who's work is in extreme hyper realism. Magalhaes paintings are so realistic that if you look at it, you will think that you are looking at a twisted sculpture installation. Keep reading and check out some of his freaky work below

Untitled(Intimate Portraits Series) Fabio  Magalhaes

'Next Second' (The Great Body Series) Fabio Magalhaes

'It is said of  Languages malignant of' Fabio Magalhes Private collection

To see more of Fabio's work  to go to his website. I just get so excited when I see artist step outside the boundaries of normal. Have a fantastic day guys and  go find some weird and crazy art.

Keep it Nerdy!