Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nerdilista Neda Freakout Review: This is the end!

This is the end, the best Nerd Comedy of the year!

So Father's day weekend was awesome , got to eat and chill with the hubster just the 2 of us on Saturday. Plus we got to go the trails with our son and enjoy nature while the weather was still nice. On Saturday we finally got to see 'This is the end' something we had been waiting for months to come out, and by the end we were delightfully excited that it was way better than what the preview's shows. Let me tell you now that the use of some colorful language will be had as I break down a little of the hi lights of the movie and a general synopsis of it. Want to hear about it here it goes =)

What the hell is this about?

This is the love story of two awesomely nerdy bro's Seth and Jay , who start off their bro's weekend with a little weed, a little 3-d game play, and a massive amount of junk food. Everything starts off pretty tame, then the the 2 buds decide to go to a Hollywood party, at guess who's house James Franco. Jay from the get go has misgivings about going to this party , but he goes along with it any. What a big mistake that was for Jay, because all hell on earth breaks loose. This movie is a little comedy, a little faith, a little horror, and a lot of dicks. Yes I said it dicks, are one of the central themes of the movie as it progresses.

Who are the break out stars of the movie?

Here are the people that stood out the most to me in this movie. 

First up Jay Baruchel

You know this guy is the awkward, geek from movies like 'The Socerers Apprentice', 'She's out of your league', and 'Tropic Thunder' a few of my fav's . This dude right here Jay Baruchel is a bright ray of sunshine in this movie, not! LOL, no really he was really delightly sarcastic and fantastically snarky in this movie. If you like that type of personality in your movie then definitely go see it for him.

Next Up Danny Mcbride! 

Oh yeah, the bad ass of all bad asses, Mr. Danny Mcbride.  You know your favorite jerk from 'Pineapple express', ' Your Highness', and my #1 fav. 'Land of the lost'. Let me just say this, cannibal , asshole, dickhead are pretty tame words to describe his character in this movie, its so wrong that its right.

Last but not least Craig Robinson!

Every time I see this chocolate teddy bear I can't help but smile. 'The Office', 'Hot Tub Time Machine', 'The Cleveland Show' , he can't help but stand out (and no it has nothing to do with his skin color) It all has to do with dropping them pannies,lol. Craig Robinson just has that it factor that just makes you just fall in love with any character that he plays.

Bang!Bang!, if your looking for a great raunchy,  with a little bit of horror, gore, and a boat load of comedy thrown in then you go out and see this movie and tell what you think . FYI there is a part in the movie that both me and the hubster jumping from out seats. So go out and see 'This is the End', watch, rate it , share it.

Love, Peace and Hair grease,

Nerdilista Neda