Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sorry fellow Nerds !

The busiest month of The year for this Nerd

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted recently since Valentine's weekend well really the whole month of of Feb. Birthday's,jobs, and Valentines for the month of February. Frantic is the word for the month for me I've never had my head spin so much for one month alone.

Living in the month of Aquarius

Three of some of the most important people in my life are Aquarian's with birthday's that fall back to back to back beginning at the end of the month January. Jan 29, Feb. 1st, Feb. 16, my best friend Mel, my husband Tawn and my Mommy Lolita.

Got Job!

This nerdy girl just became a working nerdy girl again. Out of the sky after months of searching I landed a gig working for a local Mental Health and Recovery center. After months of beating myself up about finding a gig that would help becoming a funding source to grow my brands, this position was basically one of those fall into your lap type deals. And I'm truly over the moon because I finally came to the decision to find a gig that could work for me and not let the job work me. 

A little bowling and laser tag never hurt anybody

To top this amazing roller coaster of a month off, my family went to an awesome kids birthday party for one our close friends daughter who was turning 10. What made it great was that we all got enjoy the moment parents and kids alike. It was a great feeling, especially considered that I was still trying to recover from a bug I picked up a week prior. A bug that I'm still dealing with now, anyways a little partying and bullishing never hurt anybody. Live it up the one life you have to live its your choice.

Keep it Nerdy!
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