Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to my super awesome husband Tawn Smith

The Amazeball's Tawn Smith,aka:Hubby

Today my fellow nerdians I'd like to celebrate and my blog a very special day. The day my husband Tawn Smith was born. At times I am at lost for words in expressing how much he means to me. No this is just some sappy wife post about her husband, this man is amazingly rad.

Tawn aka: Turtle lips

Their are few people that I have experienced that truly accept me, goofy, weird and all for me. Especially when it comes to guys, like from our very 1st date he has embraced my silliness and weirdness, and always figures out ways to make me laugh or smile. Why, because he's just as weird and goofy and silly as me. The other quality that lights my fire about Tawn, is how spontanious and suave he can be as well. I'm Mrs.Playitsafepants, over here and at times its hard for me to embrace, but since I've met him he has totally brought me out of that safety net that I'm use to.We are so much a like at times, but also totally different in other ways which is good because we balance each other out.

So in conclusion 

Happy, Happy Birthday to the love of my life Mr. Tawn Smith ! I love you Smith, DJ and I are super blessed to have you in our lives. So please jump over to my hubby's page if you want and flood his page with birthday wishes =)

Keep it Nerdy!
Nerdilista Neda

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