Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top 5 Nerdy gifts on my Christmas list

Hello, friends hope your having happy holidays so far. Sorry for not checking in these last couple of months. Things have been in full swing on my end work wise since Halloween, and me, my son, and hubby just moved into a new place last week and I've just been putting finishing touches together to get  our house together for the holidays. In light of the tragic events last week I just wanted to provide a little light hearted cheer by posting a few of my favorite wishlist Christmas gifts. So get ready for some super cute hardcore nerdiness in this post this is going to be a fun one.

5. Angry Birds StarWars edition.
For years I've been fighting playing Angry Birds, then a couple of months I got hooked playing it on my moms Nook waiting with her at her doctor's appointment. Then I saw the commercial for Angry Birds Star Wars on TV in November and I knew I had to have this for my gaming collection. You can download this game in Google Play for free or just pay .99 cents to get the full edition. 

4.Geek Statement Socks
I've been super into adorkable socks like these since my days as a Surgical assistant. These awesome statement socks have the classic look of vintage tube socks, and can be found at ThinkGeek for around $10.99.

3. Doctor Who Bathrobe
As you can see from this next pick I'm some what of a homebody.This is why this gift would make my 2013 start off just right. You can find this awesome Tardis robe also at for around   $48.99-69.99

2.Ghostbuster's  Plush with sound
Yes I'm 32 and I still love plush toys, well these aren't just any plushies these are Ghostbuster plushies with sound.These plushes bring back childhood memories for me, these toys can be found at as well for around $17.99.

1.Nintendo Monopoly!
Number 1 on my list combines both my favorite childhood pastimes. Nintendo and Monopoly, which are also my favorite Holiday memories with my family. The memories of spending every waking minute on the weekend trying to beat Mario Brother's and Super Mario Brother's as soon as I got them on Christmas Day.Then the memories of Monopoly were of my mom's sisters and brothers cheating and fighting over the cheating in Monopoly. You can find this this amazing creation also on for 29.99.

Keep it nerdy! Happy Holidays everyone.