Thursday, November 1, 2018

Manga Spanga: Say I love you

Manga Spanga : Say I Love you

This new feature on the site is sort of  review, but is mainly love or need for more of a Manga I have read or am currently reading. Today's love goes to "Say I love you" by : Hazuki Kanae, this Manga is currently in ongoing status (meaning chapters are released weekly or monthly).  This drama  centers around two High School students Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa , both on different ends of the spectrim as far as social standings go. These two by way of mistaking identity began true love even with their differences. Keep reading below for pics, videos and some gifs

Say I Love You

I started out reading this Manga after a late night cram session of
the anime a few months back.

After staying up to watch the Anime
I was hooked and had to find the Manga.
This venture turned into a whole day session ready
about 80 chapters of  the Manga from Mangafox reader
on my phone.

What makes me love the characters of Mei and Yamato
are that they both give me nostalgo of  High School.
It reminds of being the weird quiet girl that very
few if any understood. Being with someone so
much different than me, who gave me courage
to take risks.

I really loved the design and flow of this Manga.
It really draws you into this story seemlessly.

Not to be outdone the Anime really does come with it.
The best part is the composing of music in
"Say I love You" anime.
It will bring you to tears.

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